Write about Back to school

Excited about the little ones going back to school?

Odds are, so are all the other parents. This time of year is a great time to write about going back to school. Here are a few awesome topics to break your writers block about school:

  1. Preschoolers leaving for the first time
  2. Middle schoolers too cool for parents
  3. High schoolers dealing with bullying
  4. College students being away from home
  5. Graduate students pursuing higher education

Back to school lists

There is always the back to school lists that need to be shopped for. Potential posts and articles may include:

  1. The insanity of items required on the lists
  2. Where the best deals are
  3. The newest products the kids want for school
  4. Which local schools have which lists
  5. Comparing lists today to our school lists “back in the day”

Things kids are worried about for first day back to school

  1. Backpacks for school
  2. Outfits for school
  3. Hairstyles for school
  4. Morning routines
  5. Uniforms for school

Most asked questions about back to school

These questions can elicit entire articles and stories, ripe with content spinoffs. Use your imagination and you can generate lots of interest!

  1. When does school start?
  2. When is the first day of school?
  3. What school district am I in?
  4. What is a charter school?
  5. How long is a school bus?

Hopefully these lists will provide you with content for your blogs, papers, stories, businesses or sales! Happy writing!

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