Write about Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra

This is a good one! If you are stretched thin for material to write about, there is always a celebrity couple doing something big out there.

For anyone who has been paying attention, there have been rumors regarding this couple for a few weeks on “are they or aren’t they engaged”. Paparazzi have scouted them spending time with each other’s families recently, and so people have been speculating.

The couple have been linked together way way back since May 2017 and finally, FINALLY, they officially confirmed the rumors! Each posted a sweet dedication to each other on their respective Instagram accounts.

Why does anyone care?

This is a good question. Lives of celebrities almost become public domain once they have a level of stardom. Whether they want to or not, if they want to stay relevant, they need to appeal to the masses. Stargazers need to feel like they are included in their favorite stars lives, like they are bff’s.

If they don’t address rumors or tell us what is going on in their lives, then we feel snubbed. Imagine a good friend of yours, one whom you feel a close relationship because you have supported them (and their career) with your hard earned money and time on their albums or tv shows, what if that friend decides NOT to tell you about their big engagement. What if you accidentally find out they might be engaged from a third party (paparazzi) that hasn’t invested near the amount of emotional currency in the stars’ (your bff’s) life?

You would feel absolutely lost. Why didn’t they tell you this big news? Was it something you said? You feel rejected. And if stars want to keep their level of fame and stardom they need to act like they are telling their bff’s (you and millions of other fans) first! Letting you in on their huge secret, making you feel good and as of you were privately and personally told about the big news.

Living socially

Social media allows stars to connect with their fans personally even if their accounts are managed by media managers and not themselves. It allows us to believe, because we follow them and their careers, they are our good friends; even if they are those friends that don’t respond to OUR engagements or baby announcements, or follow us back on social media. It’s okay. We understand Nick and Priyanka. We love you anyways. You were probably planning to congratulate us once you got back from Mumbai. (Right?)

Back to your writing

So if this rambling post says anything, it says you can write about something you might not be an expert on, but you can change the actual topic while still being relevant to the title of the post! Happy writing!

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